Your source of Re-used Euro vintage car parts

A little bit from the history

I have long been fascinated by the history and performance of European cars. I have personally owned more than 5 Fiat Spiders, 2 VW bus, 1 Porsche 911, 2 Alfa Spyders, 1 Mini cooper, 4 BMW’s starting with 1969 BMW 2002 which is my daily driver,1 Porsche 911T weekend driver, and my 1967 VW crew cab truck as my parts hauler.

In loving memory of my father Jb Sr. “Papi” the man that started everything. Since I could remember my dad was in the garage repairing “improving” his old collection of cars in his case Ford Cortina's, and MG's. He loved them and loved showing me how to work on them.

In the beginning we would try and save as much as we could from our old cars to help other European car enthusiast get proper used parts. Later we would seek out local cars, and try and save them from the wreaking yards. The ones that could be saved ended up being doner cars which we would soundly recycle and provide parts for running cars.